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AM Legal Compensation Lawyers specialises in Workcover claims Sydney. Antony has had many years’ experience in workers compensation. Early in his career, Antony acted for employers and insurers. For many years now, Antony has used that skill and experience to recover entitlements for injured people.

AM Legal Compensation Lawyers acts for many injured people in workers compensation claims. Antony Mastrogiannis is a WorkCover Claims – Independent Legal Assistance and Review Service (“ILARS”) approved legal services provider.  He receives funding from the Government to investigate and pursue clients’ workers compensation claims and workcover claims in Sydney.

Post 2012 Scheme

Workcover Claims

There have been significant changes to the workers compensation scheme implemented by legislation passed by the NSW parliament in 2012.

The pre June 2012 workers compensation provisions may still apply depending on the circumstances of your case. There are various types of compensation under the old regime, that may apply to you.

In June 2012 the workers compensation law changed courtesy of amendments to the scheme implemented by the then O’Farrell Government. The changes included:

•    Wages compensation entitlement may only last for up to five years other than for “seriously injured workers” who are defined as workers with a whole person impairment in excess of 20%, and may end earlier than five years;
•    Treatment expenses may end one year after the cessation of an entitlement to wages compensation;
•    Claims for lump sum permanent impairment compensation under section 66 have changed in that now only one claim can be made per lifetime and the impairment threshold is greater than 10% and pain and suffering compensation on top of and in addition to the permanent impairment lump sum has been abolished.

This is a snapshot of some of the changes.  There have been many test cases.  There are other things that apply now in workers compensation claims that are the product of the legislative amendments to work capacity assessments and decisions that may impact on one’s entitlement.  AM Legal Compensation Lawyers can help you navigate these changes and maximise your remaining entitlements.

workcover claims sydney
Pre-2012 Reform Scheme We advocate for our clients, seeking maximum workcover claims compensation.

There are many procedures to comply with any rules and obligations to observe. Antony can advise on these issues.  There are various types of compensation, including:

Workcover Claims Sydney

Depending on the seriousness of an injury, an injured worker may have an entitlement to a lump sum tax-free payment of compensation for permanent impairment. Antony can assess whether an injured worker is likely to have an entitlement and set in motion the steps that need to be taken to recover it. Antony can provides advice about those steps and procedures in plain language that is easy to understand.

Payment of a lump sum for permanent impairment (and pain and suffering, where the pain and suffering threshold is met) does not affect an injured worker’s right to receive ongoing payments for medical treatment and weekly payments during periods of incapacity. Antony can ensure that those benefits continue to be paid by the insurer.  If the insurer fails to do so, Antony promptly and vigorously pursues those benefits in the Workers Compensation Commission, where he has an excellent reputation and success rate for workcover claims Sydney.

If there is a later deterioration in an injured worker’s condition, Antony can advise on the prospects of bringing a further claim for additional lump sum payment/s and the steps that are necessary to do so successfully.

In certain circumstances, injured workers can bring common law negligence claims for damages.   Workcover claims Sydney representation from industry professional.

A list of suitable definitions can be found at the following link. Claim type definitions

For more information on Workcover Claims Sydney contact Antony on 02 9546 8835.

Antony has extensive experience in workcover claims and can provide a straightforward explanation of when and how the right to bring common law action arises and what steps must be taken. Antony provides straightforward, honest and accurate advice and representation.

workcover claims sydney
workcover claims sydney
workcover claims sydney
workcover claims sydney