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Total Permanent Disability Claims

TPD Claims Sydney

A TPD claims Sydney, may include total permanent disability claims (TPDC), superannuation claim or TPD lump sum settlement. TPD claims can give you the financial support you need to get on with your life. 

Have suffered illness or harm and you cannot do the work you once could.  You may be entitled to a TPD claim or benefit through your superannuation fund.

Often superannuation funds of which employees are members that employers make compulsory contributions to, have insurance for total and permanent disablement. The total permanent disability claim insurance may compensate those injured employees by payment of a lump sum.  We have advised and acted for many clients in total and permanent disablement claims.  In addition we help you navigate and successfully pursue such a claim.

AM Legal Compensation Lawyers have the experience and knowledge to go up against the big companies to get the result you are looking for. We can help you navigate and successfully pursue TPD claims.

TPD Claims Sydney lawyer, Antony is a successful TPDC Sydney lawyer. We provide all our superannuation claims and TPD claims services on a NO WIN – NO FEE. This means you won’t have to pay our legal costs unless we win your claim at the end.

Total and permanent disability (TPD) definition changes for additional death and invalidity cover (ADIC) from 1 July 2014. There has been changes in superannuation law. Members who are accepted for ADIC on or after 1 July 2014, and who subsequently make a benefit claim on invalidity grounds, will for insurance purposes, be assessed against a modified definition of TPD. 

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Total Permanent Disability (TPD) claims provides a lump sum payment to you if you were to become permanently disabled and are unable to return to work due to an accident or illness.

There are certain conditions that must be met prior to being eligible to make a TPD Claims Sydney. Your eligibility to make a TPD claim will depend on the criteria detailed in your policy provided by your insurer. Below are some common variations.
• Your disability is total and permanent or suffering a minimum level of disability
• You’ve met the required waiting period in order for full extent of damages to be accessed prior to making a TPD Claim.
• You can show employment history
• You’re complying with ongoing medical care
• A TPD Claim is covered in your superannuation policy

To submit a successful TPD Claim, contact your insurer or superannuation fund. The procedure for submitting a claim can be exhaustive. It is recommended that you consult appropriate legal advice to ensure you understand the varied requirements and receive the benefits you are entitled to.
If you have been rejected, TPDC Sydney based claims expert Antony can assist.

In the majority of cases, a TPD Claim can be lodged, and a settlement decision reached within 2-3 months. However, complex cases can last up to 1 year. We advise consulting TPDC Sydney lawyer, Antony to assist you.
There are three types of TPD cover available. You may choose one or a combination of the three.
• Accident cover
• Illness cover
• Sports cover

Antony is a Law Society Accredited Specialist in Personal Injury Law and has years of experience in Superannuation and TPD Claims. He can provide support, understanding and guidance through this complicated process.
AM Legal Compensation Lawyers operate on a No Win No Fee basis, contact us for free consultation.

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Total and Permanent Disability. If you’ve suffered injury or illness and can no longer do the work you once could. You may be entitled to a Total and Permanent Disability (TPDC Sydney) insurance benefit.

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tpd claims sydney
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