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We provide legal compensation services and claims across a range of compensation services schemes and statutory regimes

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Compensation Services Sydney & Compensation Claims Sydney

Compensation Services and Compensation Claims Sydney

At AM Legal Compensation Lawyers Sydney we are compensation services lawyers that are skilled in all aspects of compensation claims & personal injury claims.  We provide legal compensation services and claims across a range of compensation services schemes and statutory regimes.

Looking for compensation services for an accident or injury? For further details on our specific compensation claims and compensation services see links below or contact Personal Injury lawyers Sydney based specialist, Antony Mastrogiannis on 02 9546 8835.
Request Your Free Consultation Now! We have specialists accredited in Personal Injury Law by the Law Society of NSW.

What is a Personal Injury Lawyers Specialists? 

 A Law Society Personal Injury Accredited Specialist, like Antony Mastrogiannis, is a lawyer who has demonstrated the longevity, experience and expertise in the field of personal injury law to be recognised by the Law Society of New South Wales as a specialist in that field of law.  Antony Mastrogiannis has been given specialist accreditation by the Law Society because of his knowledge, skill, experience, and to in turn give you the public and clients the confidence that he can be relied on to give expert advice and representation in personal injury law.

Personal Injury Claims
AM Legal Compensation lawyers continue to act for people injured as a result of accidents in New South Wales including claims for workers compensation, motor vehicle accidents*, public liability claims (including supermarket claims), medical negligence claims, dust diseases/asbestos claims, superannuation related total and permanent disablement (TPD) claims etc.

*The New South Wales Government earlier this year passed Legislation (that will likely come into effect from December 2017 or January 2018) amending the law of motor vehicle accident personal injury compensation.  All victims of motor vehicle accidents (whether they can prove fault with the other driver or not) will have some rights.  The rights of those who cannot prove fault or who are themselves at fault will be limited and for a short defined period.  People who have moderate and severe injuries will continue to have rights to common law/negligence damages against motorists who were at fault.  We recommend that anyone injured prior to December 2017 lodge claims now to benefit from the current, more generous Scheme.  Please telephone Antony Mastrogiannis for further details.

We hope your visit to our site provides you with helpful information.

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New South Wales, 2020

Compensation  Services

Motor Vehicle Claims

There are special requirements for making a claim following injury in a motor vehicle accident. These requirements must be met within a certain time frame. Contact us as soon as possible so we can advise and assist you to meet these obligations. More information on Motor Vehicle Claims.

Medical Negligence

If you have sought medical treatment which has resulted in an adverse outcome you may be entitled to bring a medical negligence claim. Antony has successfully litigated and resolved claims against medical service providers/medical indemnity insurers for injuries occasioned by negligent medical advice and/or treatment resulting in injury. These are very complex claims and Antony is a proficient medical negligence lawyer and has had experience in many such cases.

Negligence Claims

These claims can be very complex, Antony has a strong track record in these kind of claims. More information on our Negligence Claims.

Occupiers Liability Claims

Antony has knowledge of the legislation and cases and implements his expertise to assemble evidence and prosecute claims for the recovery of compensation. He has had many successful claims against the insurers, department store, shopping malls and recreational activities.

Public Liability Claims

A public liability claim or claims can be made for injuries, mental or physical from the negligence of a situation beyond the control of the victim due to causality of an entity, person or persons, in public, business or private places, and for injuries caused by the use of force resulting from assaults. If successful in a public liability claim or claims then it will mean that you will receive a lump sum compensation, usually from the person/company insurance company if it a successful insurance claim or from the liable person/company.

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