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Antony has extensive past experience in advising insurance companies. As a result, Antony understands how insurance companies work and make decisions. He understands their tactics. Antony, renown personal injury lawyer Sydney, uses this experience to cut through the red tape and get quick positive results in your workers compensation case. Antony acts a No win No fee lawyer Sydney.


 What is a No Win No Fee Lawyer?

A “No win no fee” lawyer, like Antony Mastrogiannis of AM Legal Compensation Lawyers, is a lawyer who does not require up front or periodic payment of his professional legal services and only receives payment on successful completion of your case.  Antony understands that following an injury, times can be tough and finances can be tight.  He is prepared to defer payment until compensation is won and paid.

 How Does “No Win, No Fee Lawyer Compensations” work?

Professional costs are not paid up front or periodically.  They are only paid at the end when a case is successful and the compensation is paid.

 Are there any court fees that have to be paid by client?

When cases are litigated in court fees are payable.  However, AM Legal Compensation Lawyers meets those costs (and receives reimbursement at the end on successful completion of the matter) to assist you in what is usually a vulnerable time.

 What if I don’t go ahead – will you charge me?

This depends on the facts and circumstances of each case.  In the event that the case is strong and the a client abandons it on, say, the eve of a court hearing or unreasonably refuses a reasonable offer of settlement by a defendant, it is possible for the client to be charged for the costs that had been incurred by lawyers in good faith.  At AM Legal Compensation Lawyers, we have been fortunate not to have encountered this with our clients and cases.  We believe in providing sound advice, having good communication at all times and resolution.

 Are there any Risks Associated With “No Win, No Fee” Lawyer Sydney?

There is no risk to you.  Risk is borne by the lawyers – At AM Legal Compensation we do assessments of cases at the preliminary stages and, in the event the case has reasonable prospects of success, are happy to assume that risk and to prepare and fight hard and to back ourselves to achieve a satisfactory outcome.

 Is settling out of court a win? 

This depends on the facts and circumstances of each and every case.  However, generally speaking settling out of court should be accepted as a win.  When one settles out of court, they have certainty over the outcome and have taken ownership over it (instead of letting a Judge whom they have never met and who must listen to two sides of the story, and weight up the evidence, make a determination.  That determination may be unfavourable and there could be an order to pay the opposing party’s costs).  Going to court takes away that certainty, it involves risk, more time and more costs.  It does involve compromise, on both sides, however the outcome can still be a reasonable and sensible one weighing up all the factors.  Sometimes, however, it is necessary and appropriate to go court if there are no negotiations or the opposing party is not making reasonable and realistic compromise.


10 Reasons to choose AM Legal Compensation Lawyers for your claim

1.  We specialise in compensation claims so you can be 100% confident you have made the right choice for your claim. No win no fee lawyer Sydney.

2.  We have the experience and expertise – with over 18 years experience, we have the practical skills to protect and promote your interests.

3.  We have a proven record of delivering results for our clients (just look at these testimonials).  We have won all of our cases and have an excellent record of obtaining payouts for our clients.

4.  We come to you – if you can’t make it to our office in the heart of the Hurstville CBD, just give us a call and we will arrange a home or hospital visit.

5.  We speak your language, not difficult to understand lawyer terms.  You will be kept up to date with easy to understand plain language advice.

6.  We understand compensation claims can be a stressful experience.  We will be with you the entire way to ensure your claim processes efficiently.

7.  If we don’t win, you don’t pay any professional fees  – No Win No Fee Compensation Lawyer Sydney you can rest easy knowing that there are no upfront costs.  We only get paid if your claim is successful.

8.  You deal with a senior personal injury lawyer always and your file is handled personally by Antony, it is not delegated to a junior lawyer or clerk with limited experience.

9.  Antony is easily contactable by landline, mobile, sms, email and website. In the event Antony is unavailable in conference or court, etc, he will return your call as soon as possible.

10.  Antony gives your case the importance and priority you deserve. Your case is not just a file number to a large law firm that is ignored or neglected.

Our mission is to ensure you receive your maximum entitlements fast! We know that dealing with this kind of compensation claim can be intimidating and stressful, we will ensure that you are are fully updated on a regular and timely basis.

Hear from our Happy clients with No Win No Fee Workers Compensation lawyer Sydney services claims here.

Need a No win No Fee Lawyer in Sydney contact Antony, Personal Injury Lawyer Sydney – Principal at AM Legal. 

His experience and expertise has helped build a solid reputation among personal injury lawyers and he is renowned for attaining quick positive results for his clients.  AM Legal Compensation Lawyers – No win no fee lawyer Sydney provide workers compensation services in workcover claims sydney, dust disease claims, public liability claims and motor vehicle personal injury claims.


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